International Women's Day: SingleButStrong Campaign

Society has wired us to think that women does not deserve a place on the table. That, women are second class citizens, and baby making factories, and that there is no life for them outside the kitchen.


Because mothers who wake up to find themselves without a husband or support system are mothers we do not celebrate enough, so, Kate Tales Foundation in commemoration of the International Women’s Day  recognized, and celebrated all the single mothers holding it down 365 without a husband. South South, North central, South East and West, took to the streets to chat with single mothers in the different region.


The South South Regional Coordinator,  Miss. Precious Adibe took a bus from her hometown in Port Harcourt, to interview Mrs. Ogonna Chimalu Ikeweku, a mother of three, and  the founder of Omalicha, a modeling agency,which promote the Nigerian Igbo culture and art.

Mrs. Ogonna analysed her struggles as a single mother. She explained the difficulties she experienced, and the efforts to raise kids alone, because her husband who lived abroad barely visited home.  


Another single mother by name Mrs. Ifeoma who was also interviewed, opened up in an interview, stating that her husband was negatively  influenced by his siblings. His siblings were  against her, because she had no male child for their brother.   They felt she had betrayed the family by conceiving a girl child. In order to express their disapproval of her, they  made their brother cut all ties with her. 

Speaking on the challenges of raising a child alone, she said she had confronted financial challenges, and sexual harassment from men who felt that the single mother title meant vulnerability.


One of our coordinator's mother who is a single mother, is a dedicated  business woman who had granted her late husband's death wish to ensure that all their kids were educated.  With little or no resources whatsoever, Mrs. Hajiya Aisha Aliyu confronted all form of challenges, but catered, and educated five kids. 


Even in this 21st century, and with the benefit, and advantages of technology on our finger tips, women are excluded from basic opportunities.  Women are sidelined unless of course you put a man into the equation.


Today, We recognize all these strong women who starved, just so that their kids could eat.

We celebrate women who had, and still smashing glass ceilings. Women like Oprah, Serena Williams, Edith Wilson, Alice Paul, Nina Simone, Anne Frank, and all other women holding it down come rain,come sun, to give their kids a better life.

These women were told they couldn't make it on their own, yet they engraved their names in various field of life, doing their own thing in a society that doesn't support them.


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