Author's Talk 2018

Author's Talk 2018 is here!


Oftentimes, we find ourselves dining with our emotions, and sipping on nostalgia. We spend the better part of our day, tracing the emptiness in our chest and acknowledging the heaviness in our breath. 


However, because we're in an age of selfies and photoshoped pictures, and because we don't want to come across as that guy who is ways moody, we find it difficult to resist the impending need to display our false perfection. 


We display a happy mask because we're scared of what's behind and we are scared of people's reaction if they knew we were a photocopied version of self, that we struggle too, that most nights, we stay up, tending to our wounds, thinking of ways to off ourselves.


We're scared to admit that many of us are broken while others are simply walking on water. 

This year's Author's Talk is the mental health edition. It's about putting away the false edited photos and statues. It's doing away with the burden of putting on a happy face and be real because the world isn't perfect. We're all broken lot, seeking healing.
In partnership with Q-Dance Center, we present the guest speakers, and performing poet for 2018.
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