#ShoulderUp Movement


"Around the world, leading women who represent economic power and voices of influence, have come together to launch what many believe to be the most impactful and important movements of our time.

Co-founded by Academy Award winnerViola Davis and 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Phyllis Newhouse, this new movement is dedicated to connecting and supporting women on their journey, to bring about change in our communities - where and when it is needed the most.

Regardless of age, race, nationality, or creed, women of all backgrounds are uniting in an effort to support each other by reshaping the narrative. They are learning to see themselves in a different context, and learn how to grow their influence, increase their economic power, and create their own legacy."

The Journey to Legacy simulcast begins with Viola and Phyllis diving into their inspiring perspective on why you should embrace and understand the value of your own personal past.

It will be launched at the Athlete's Hall of Fame Atlanta, New York, USA, and across the world.

Kate Tales Foundation has been chosen as a partner organisation in Nigeria, Africa, to premiere this story for free (it's $249 for tickets, worldwide) in order to enable African women from all economical background the opportunity to join this movement and see the amazing story at no cost!

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