2019 International Literacy Day

Today is an important day at Kate Tales Foundation, and other nonprofit organizations across the world that focuses on the improvement of literacy in needy communities globally. In commemoration of the International Literacy Day (which is set aside by the United Nations to identify literacy rate and recognize areas of improvement to help create an inclusive and sustainable societies), we are excited about this year’s theme, ‘Literacy and Multilingualism,’ “an opportunity to express solidarity with the celebrations of the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages and the 25th anniversary of the World Conference on Special Needs Education, at which the Salamanca Statement on Inclusive Education was adopted.”  

To commemorate this day, we want to connect this theme back to our 2019 Authors’ talk theme and its emphasis on the importance of language. We call for submissions of flash-nonfictions; 500-word max, on any genre, to be written in Igbo, Ibibio or Hausa, and open to registered secondary school students from the South-South and North-Central region of Nigeria. Please check flier for submission and prize details, and share on.