#GoogleDigitalSkills Project

"All over the world, there is a rising Internet penetration and an increasingly adoption of mobile phones that has led to tremendous changes in the way people live and do business. About 80% of people today, research products or services online - via Google Search, Social Media and Online directories - before making a purchase decision. In Nigeria, there are over 90 million people online, searching for information about various products and services and this presents a huge opportunity for small and medium businesses to leverage the Internet to reach a teeming audience and ultimately grow revenues."

#GoogleDigitalSkills is a Google initiative, which aims to bridge any digital divide in developing countries, by providing free training to 10 million young Africans on digital skills over the next 5years. The program will provide digital skills training to youths across Nigeria as a first step to understanding the opportunities and utilizing them.


On the 28th of September, 2019, Kate Tales Foundation South West Region partnered with Google Africa to bring  #GoogleDigitalSkills to Lagos Nigeria, and the training session revolves around  21st century digital skill, access to new resources and relevant digital gadgets to help create employment opportunities for youths.



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