10. May 2018
It's that time of the year where writers get to meet, connect and share their works! This Saturday, the North Central Region, Nigeria, will host its annual Author's Talk for teens to connect, share and learn the art of writing.
17. March 2018
"I applaud single mothers for their acts. Nobody knows why they are single parents and no one has the right to judge them. A single mother is heroine and it takes an extreme level of courage and strength to raise a child(ren) in this times we are. I think people that judge women for being single parents are simple minded." - Student, Ekpoma University
23. February 2018
To commemorate the February 14th St. Valentine day, the South South Region, Nigeria, led by South South Regional Coordinator, Precious Chidinma Adibe , visited the students of Emaculate Conception secondary school, in Odoni Rivers State, Nigeria, to celebrate and lecture the students on self love and reflection.
09. February 2018
Poverty is a limiting factor to the education of the girl child. Discoll and Nagel(2010) asserted that "parents struggling to raise a child, often sees education as adding extensive stress to the family" hence many girls who should be in school are withdrawn to earn an income for the family. In some parts of Nigeria, it is a known fact that the input of the girl child in the family income is so high that it becomes economically unwise to allow such a child enroll in a school. -North-Central
18. January 2018
To launch #1000BooksFor1000Kids campaign, Kate Tales Foundation in partnership with Rongo Art Workshop took over a hundred books and basic relief materials to the children at Stephens Children Home. Stephens Children Home is a home in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, that house over 300 kids mostly from the Northern part of the country, who were displaced by Boko Haram. The team sat with the kids, and read to them. The campaign geared towards the younger generation who cannot afford books.
01. January 2018
Some people think life is full of butterflies, feeling warm and fuzzy. However, that's very far from the reality. Life is all about sweat, tears, blood, a lot of grinding and death even. It is about depression, emptiness, loneliness and series of panic attack. . Nevertheless, all thanks to the people we've met on this journey who have increased the capacity of our heart to love and live again. You supported and encouraged us. From all of us at Kate Tales Foundation, Happy New Year!
11. November 2017
Adibe Precious, South South, Rivers state coordinator, pays a visit to young unemployed women in the region, in preparation for her upcoming skills acquisition for women from rural communities. "A lot of these women want to learn lucrative trade. I met a seamstress who has three beautiful daughters. Her husband does not believe in the girl child, so she is left to care for all of them. My project will help redefine the role of the girl child in the family and empower girls.
11. October 2017
It is that time of the year again, a time to remind all girls around the world that they are strong, and can do anything, whatever, everything they choose to do and no one should make them feel less appreciated or less human. Kate Tales Foundation commemorated the global day by organizing a global campaign themed 'WalkToTalk" across Nigeria and the United State of America. #WalkToTalk #InternationalDayoftheGirlChild
11. October 2017
Christopher Lydia, South South Coordinator acknowledge that children from Homes shouldn't be left out of the October month commemoration of independence. She visits the home with bags of goodies, clothes and provisions to bring the blessing of the season to the children. Everyone deserves love, to be remembered, and to be cared for.
07. September 2017
Somewhere behind the great woman you've become and the efforts you've put in and those who've supported and encouraged you is a little girl who is passionate about the girl child and never looked back. Keep wining for her, Kate! #InternetSocietyAward

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