10. October 2018
It's that time of the year again: International Day of the Girl Child 2018. The North-central Region will be organizing a school tour across the region on the theme: Empowered; before, during and after conflict. "We must move forward ➡➡ not ⬅⬅ backwards on girl child rights." #InternationalDayoftheGirlChild #KateTalesFoundation #NorthCentralRegion
10. October 2018
"There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. Kofi Annan. The South South Region, supported by Lauren Anderson; one of the organizers of #Shoulderup global campaign, in a bit to inspire black women in Africa to live their truth, streamed the simulcast of Journey to Legacy which featured Viola Davis and Phyllis Newhouse, in Aggah Onelga River State Nigeria.
22. August 2018
ShoulderUp! "Around the world, leading women who represent economic power and voices of influence, have come together to launch what many believe to be the most impactful and important movements of our time. Co-founded by Academy Award winnerViola Davis and 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Phyllis Newhouse, this new movement is dedicated to connecting and supporting women on their journey, to bring about change in our communities - where and when it is needed the most.
10. August 2018
It was a blast! Author's Talk has always been an inclusive opportunity for the whole art community in Nigeria, and this would not have been possible without the writers, and lovers of art from across Nigeria who came through to make this a success.
26. June 2018
Oftentimes, we find ourselves dining with our emotions, and sipping on nostalgia. We spend the better part of our day, tracing the emptiness in our chest and acknowledging the heaviness in our breath.
11. June 2018
Radio JABU 93.2 provides an avenue for youth to discuss and tackle pressing societal issues with experts in the fields.
21. May 2018
" "most teens don't like reading and a good writer is a good reader, teens should concentrate more on reading if they want to write books worth publishing"- Umar Yogiza Jr.
10. May 2018
It's that time of the year where writers get to meet, connect and share their works! This Saturday, the North Central Region, Nigeria, will host its annual Author's Talk for teens to connect, share and learn the art of writing.
17. March 2018
"I applaud single mothers for their acts. Nobody knows why they are single parents and no one has the right to judge them. A single mother is heroine and it takes an extreme level of courage and strength to raise a child(ren) in this times we are. I think people that judge women for being single parents are simple minded." - Student, Ekpoma University
23. February 2018
To commemorate the February 14th St. Valentine day, the South South Region, Nigeria, led by South South Regional Coordinator, Precious Chidinma Adibe , visited the students of Emaculate Conception secondary school, in Odoni Rivers State, Nigeria, to celebrate and lecture the students on self love and reflection.

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