16. May 2019
Update: If it’s not peer pressure, it’s familial or community-based: some young girls from Kabba confront multiple challenges that usually end with early pregnancies, marriages or exposure to sexually transmitted diseases before or after graduation from Secondary school....
12. May 2019
In rural communities across Kogi state, Nigeria, 2 out of every 10 girls are pregnant before the age of 18
03. May 2019
Birthing Sheroes: "Young girls with dreams become women with visions," and the South West Region ensured that those visions become a trigger for a change that revolves across families and the communities at large.....
20. April 2019
It is not just enough to provide education for the female child, it is also important that they are introduced to the education that does not occur in classrooms........
15. April 2019
It is rare to find girls and women from the Northern region of Nigeria in STEM related fields; but recently, the Northern Region of Kate Tales Foundation smashed the glass ceiling and identified more than 50 new generation of STEM girls....
27. March 2019
In Nigeria, specifically in the North where incidents like the abduction of more than 200 girls from a school occurred, STEM is still an uphill task. Women and girls from rural communities are not encouraged to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for stereotypical reasons that continuously promote the value of males in science and mathematics than the females. Kate Tales Foundation North-Central Region is interested in bridging the gap....
21. March 2019
Coordinated by its Head-coordinator, Precious Adibe, South-South Region records an outstanding implementation of the three-days business workshop and practical training
02. March 2019
Women empowerment is impossible without the identification of solutions that truly matches the value of a community. The South South Region women are business oriented and without a platform, dreams would not be actualized. In a bid to rise a generation of girls and women who are financially independent, Kate Tales Foundation South South Region set to organize a three days business workshop on business development, and practical production...
12. February 2019
In commemoration of the 2019 International Day of Girls and Women In science, meet the women we featured on our social media pages. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram : Kate Tales Foundation Twitter: @kate_tales
09. February 2019
Kate Tales Foundation in commemoration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science set to celebrate African women who etched their names in the sands of science. This is for women and girls who (in an attempt to make the world a bit better) wake up everyday, grab the world by the neck and introduce it to themselves. On the 11th of February, we will feature Women of Excellence from the continent who have rocked the science world, unapologetically.

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