Adibe Precious


Adibe Precious Chidinma is a model, a writer and a medical laboratory scientist. Years of working as a reporter exposed Precious to the challenges of Nigerians struggling to break from extreme poverty, mostly, girls and women from rural communities in Rivers State.


She is driven by passion to contribute in the alleviation of this challenge.


Precious is the South-South, Rivers Regional coordinator - Kate Tales Foundation..



Aliyu Ismail


Aliyu Ismail is an activist from Nasarawa State, Nigeria, presently studying Economics at Nasarawa state University, Keffi.


When he was eleven years old, his father died and it caused his mother so much pain and agony, she had to fend for her five kids.


Aliyu was inspired by his mother's experience as a widow, and he decided to advocate for women empowerment. He enjoys engaging people in constructive discourse. He knows how to make emulsion paint, a chef and a comedian.

He is a problem solver, and a cheeful helper.


Aliyu is the North Central Regional Coordinator -Kate Tales Foundation


 Aminu Abdullahi 


Aminu Ibrahim Abdullahi is a student of Nasarawa State University, Nigeria. Born in Nasarawa state where the rate of girls in school and women in jobs placement is staggering low, Aminu is interested in exploring means to change the current statistic in education and employment gap for girls and women in the North. He is a computer typist and a geographer.

Aminu is the Northern Regional Coordinator, Nigeria. 


Glory Diamond


Glory Diamond is a writer, poet, an entrepreneur and a feminist among others.


She has a passion for writing and she’s an addicted bibliophile.


Glory is motivated by what she sees which turns into feelings. She’s a tailor and loves to cook, an amateur spoken word artiste.


According to her, she has seen the female folk smile and suffer and feels their pains; this has prompted the urge in her to lend a hand.


Glory is the South West Regional Coordinator Kate Tales Foundation.




Lydia Christopher


Lydia Christopher was born in Okpo-ama Brass in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. She grew up, living with her father and step mother.


Confronted with various challenges as a child without the affection of a mother, Lydia was determined to overcome all obstacles and stand out as a role model to empower young girls with the same challenge.


She has a B.A in English Studies from the University of Port-Harcourt, the first girl child to attend a university in her family.


She works with the Bayelsa State Environmental Sanitation Authority as an information officer. She’s also a multi-talented entrepreneur; she builds and rents houses as an agent for land sales/purchases, and she counsels women on financial literacy.


She is compassionate, hardworking, devoted, and determined.

Lydia is the South-South Regional Coordinator –Kate Tales Foundation