Women financial instability has resulted to multiple deaths across Africa. For Kate, it was a nightmare to lose a mother at the age of two. 


As an only child of a woman who died of an illness that could have been prevented, Kate dark days began when her father re-married, and she was cast into a tunnel of desolation, looping fears and insecurity that surrounded her gender.


For Kate, education was a threat; too expensive and unachievable, but for the boys in her father's house, it was a priority, their right.

At the age of eighteen, Kate embarked on a mission to alleviate the predicament of girls and women with similar experiences; she founded Kate Tales  Foundation, a literary non-profit organization that promotes the girl child education, women empowerment and emerging writers' development.

Since inception, Kate Tales Foundation has reached out to various schools and street children across rural communities in various region of Nigeria ---Organized Author's Talk for emerging voices, and established writers, symposiums, skills enhancement and digital business trainings for women and girls across Nigeria.